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By vasudha - Posted on 03 February 2010

Come let us strengthen our bonds of friendship!!

KKNC's first cultural event of 2010!

Date: Feb 20, 2010
Venue: Sunnyvale Hindu Temple Auditorium (see below for details)
Program Details:

Kannada English

Hindu Temple & Community Center
420 Persian Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1708
(408) 734-4554


Prabhu - nimma prOtsAhakke anaMta dhanyavAdagaLu. matte illige baMdAga nammannu bhETi maDi athavA kare koDi.

~KKNC 2010 team

All the best for the occassion. Hope there will be a great and grand congregation and everyone will enjoy every event and record them in their minds as one of the memorable evenings of his/her life.
I wont be there, because I'm in India;-)but after every event remember that I wished it to happen so grand ;-)
Goodluck once again!

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